How I Choose Farkles - Issue #4


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Adam Chandler on Motorcycles
How I Choose Farkles - Issue #4
By Adam Chandler • Issue #4 • View online
Consider this an intro to a longer series about motorcycle modifications which is what I believe what everyone knows me for, not my skills as a rider or storytelling abilities.
I always split farkles into categories when envisioning a bike build (something I’m going through this month):
  1. Protection
  2. Comfort
  3. Ergonomics
  4. Electronics
  5. Storage
  6. Performance
These are all self explanatory except performance. I’m not chipping / tuning my bikes but if I can help the bike breathe a bit more or change out the wheels and tires or add a fuel filter, those are all considered performance modifications.
In addition, categories will allow you to prioritize. Below is a small screenshot of how I build out a bike:

The beauty of this spreadsheet planning is you can create the perfect bike build without feeling any guilt about spending too much money. You simply add every part available, group into categories and then you tackle each section with one simple question
Do I need this?
If not, you can demote/delete/highlight it to tell you this thing isn’t important. It can be something you add next Winter. I’d like a chain guide and light weight sprocket but the OEM is fine for the first season so that is on the list in the future.
You may also choose to save the $70 you were going to spend on rear LED turn signals and instead find a tail tidy that is $70 more but has the turn signals integrated. I saw Cyclops charges $70 for plug & play LED rear turn signals but Rottweiler has a $200 tail tidy that is plug & play and has integrated brake & turns. This sort of segmentation will reveal where you can combine things.
Further point, ‘while you’re in there’ projects will start to show themselves. While you’re swapping out the air filter, you should do the exhaust header and power commander and the tank is off so add the fuel stabilizer, too.
I’m going to cut this one short with a send-off that Farkling is fun but with organization, you can save money and time.
Happy Modding!
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Adam Chandler

These are my ramblings about motorcycling. For the most part, these will be editorials you will have seen in regional and national motorcycle publications or longer posts and ride-reports as seen on Occasionally, I will post content here that is exclusive to paid subscribers and eventually be made free for all. Thank you.

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