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A Post-Pandemic Kickoff, Frosty Nutz in Vermont - Issue #14

Adam Chandler on Motorcycles
A Post-Pandemic Kickoff, Frosty Nutz in Vermont - Issue #14
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The event name, Frosty Nutz is intended to be taken literally. Our first camp-out of the year kicks off the riding season in the North-Northeast and is usually met with snow, ice and frigid temps. If we were to make the event more inclusionary, maybe Frostbite is more appropriate.

Photo of the Friday-Night Crew enjoying their pasta & beer
Photo of the Friday-Night Crew enjoying their pasta & beer
Since I started riding, Frosty Nutz has been a must-visit event. It is the event that gets me to open up my 3 bins of camping gear, clean everything up and do an inventory to make sure there’s nothing I need broken or missing since last year. The time of year when most people start camping is about a month after the last week in April but Yankee Beemers motorcycle club books Wilgus State Park and invites their entire membership to fork over $25 for food, home-brew and camping. I’ve never been on a year that it didn’t snow a little bit and while temps this year did get down to 38 degrees, it was the warmest I can remember.
We didn’t have a campout in 2020 for obvious reasons but even if the health and safety of members wasn’t put first, Vermont closed their state parks for camping last April as a precautionary measure. Since then, we’ve learned that outdoors are mostly safe and the virus doesn’t transmit through touch surfaces, only aerosol and finally, those 2 weeks out from their vaccine are free to roam about the wilderness without masks even in social settings according to the CDC. So, an even with mostly older folks who were vaccinated a month or more ago out in a state park is about as safe as you can be next to doing this via Zoom and let’s all agree that we are not going to be doing Zoom for a very long time.
I’m not going to ramble on too much more. I just wanted to share some photos from the event, share that it was great to see everyone and I enjoyed the time away from the house for the first time since November. Wilgus is only 20 minutes from my house but it was green to break in the camping gear, test out the bike and see some old friends by the fire. I need to grab a few things for this year’s camping season but overall, I’m ready to get going. In fact, I’m camping this Thursday - Sunday in Delaware and I look forward to sharing photos with you all after that event as well.
Be sure to forward this newsletter to your friends. I appreciate those of you who have subscribed so far and look forward to keeping you updated this year with all of my travels. Thanks!
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